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Feed the baby rabbits a mixture of goats milk formula. Mother rabbits feed at dusk and dawn for only about five minutes, so baby rabbits (depending on size and age) may only need to be fed twice a day, however formula is not as nutrient rich as mother's milk, so more frequent feedings are often necessary.


Raising a litter of baby rabbits is a unique and rewarding experience. However, it’s important to learn how to take care of baby rabbits. Though the mother will do most of the work, there are things you need to know. Set up a warm nest box for the babies to live in. Check the kits each day to make sure they are full and gaining weight.


Before deciding to care for wild baby rabbits it is important that you are positive the rabbits are orphaned. If you find a baby rabbit wandering around, it is possible that the baby has left the nest to explore and can find her way back. However, if you see the baby in the same spot for a couple of days and she doesn't leave, then she is ...


Baby cottontail rabbits are the most difficult of all furry wildlife orphans to successfully raise or rehabilitate. Wild bunnies have the same basic needs and medical problems that domestic rabbits do.


Gather the wild baby rabbit in his blanket and feed him on his back, just as you would a human baby. Put the dropper to the baby rabbit’s mouth and allow him to suck the KMR at his own pace. Most baby rabbits will appreciate feedings twice a day. Once in the early morning and again late at night, just like in the wild.


It is best to feed baby rabbits no more than twice a day, but sometimes it takes more feedings to get an adequate amount into them, especially at first. How much to feed varies greatly on what breed of rabbit you are feeding, and how big the kit is, but here is a basic guideline for the daily amount to feed a domestic rabbit who will be ...


The mother rabbit (doe) knows best about taking care of baby rabbits. Most does can build their nest, kindle their babies, and feed and care for them without a single hitch. But every once in a while, for whatever reason, a doe might need a helping hand just to get her onto the right foot, so to speak.


How To Care For Baby Bunnies. Once you’ve bred your rabbits it’s time to wait and see if your female is pregnant. There are a few clues that may help you know, but usually about 30 days after breeding she will kindle (have babies).


Baby rabbits should continue to nurse until 8 weeks, as they need the mother’s milk to strengthen their immune system and grow well. If you have an orphaned baby rabbit, see How to Feed Baby Rabbits for help with creating a suitable feeding formula. Twice-a-day feedings should be sufficient unless the baby rabbits are very young and need ...


To take care of baby rabbits during very cold weather, you’ll also check to be sure the burrow stays warm and that no kit strays away from the nest accidentally and gets chilled or frozen. 3. To take care of baby rabbits, you want to keep the nest box from getting too fouled with either urine or round fecal pellets.