To take a screen shot on a PC running on Windows 7, press the "PrnScn" button on your keyboard, open the Paint application, and then paste the screen shot image onto the application. Once the screen capture image appears... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

To take a screenshot on a Microsoft Windows computer, decide whether you want to save the screenshot as an image or save it to your clipboard. Then, use the designated screenshot shortcut. An image appears in your screen... More »

Windows 8.1 laptop users who want to take a screenshot of the entire laptop screen and save it to a file should press the PrtScn and Windows logo keys together; the image file can be found in the Pictures folder's Screen... More »

A screen shot is the action of capturing an image from the screen of a computer monitor or another electronic device to a static image file. It is a way to take a picture of an image from a monitor or screen. More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

To take a screen shot on a computer, press the Print Screen key on your keyboard, then press the Control and V keys at the same time to paste the screen shot in your desired location. This process takes less than one min... More »

To take a screen shot in Windows 7, press the PrtScn button on your keyboard. Open the Paint application by clicking on the Start button, selecting All programs and clicking on Paint under the Accessories menu. In Paint,... More »

The methods for taking a screen shot differ by computer type and operating system. To take a screen shot with Windows 8 for PC, hold the Windows key, and press PrtScn. More »