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Winter camping has its perks. There are fewer bugs and crowds while you experience the beauty and peacefulness of a pristine winter wonderland. But, if you’re not prepared, it can also be cold and challenging. To set yourself up for a successful winter campout, you’ll want to build on your ...


7 Tips to Survive Cold-Weather Camping. Winter camping can be fun, but it can also be just plain cold. Plan ahead to make your cold-weather camping trip comfortable and memorable.


Using winter camping tents with stove can be a recipe for destruction. Your tent can catch fire, or it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Definition: Carbon Monoxide poisoning basically removes oxygen from the body.It puts oxygen-sensitive parts of the body at risk such as the human brain, which also affects the visual and cognitive performance of a person.


After a year on the road in our van, we came back home and decided to spend the winter in an RV. Let's say it was an interesting experience! ↣ Follow us here...


With winter camping, you cannot do it alone. If you’re out there learning how to survive the elements it is okay to reach out to your friends for help. Whether you’re asking to borrow gear before you leave home or you’re asking for help with that stubborn white gas stove — ask!


Winterize Your Campsite Follow these steps to create a comfortable overnight spot. >> Look up. “Make sure there are no widowmakers nearby,” says Ben Shillington, author of Winter Backpacking and an expedition guide based in Ontario, Canada. “Frozen, brittle sap makes dead trees more prone to breaking and falling.”


To understand more about the basic essentials of tent-camping, head out and check Melanie’s knowledge about camping. If you have set your mind to snow camping, see to it that you have packed an extra stove and extra fuel. An all-weather fire starter is also imperative in winter camping.


In the winter the campgrounds are empty, the roads are quiet, the trails are lonely and you have all of the mountains to yourself. And if you really want to double down on everything, give winter camping on a Monday or Tuesday a try. North Georgia is a literal ghost town outside of locals milling about.


15 expert tips on how to winterize your cold-weather camping game, thrive and survive. Keep your core (and your gear) warm in the coldest weather with this ultimate guide. There is nothing like the scent of pine amidst the quiet of an alpine lake or a clear sky speckled with stars against snow ...


Survival course with minimal gear. Temperature at night went bellow -15°c. Video is kind of short cause it was very hard to film it all because of the cold weather. Gear that I used -Axe -Knife ...