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How to Stretch a Cotton T Shirt. Whether you pulled a blunder with the clothes dryer or the shirt was never big enough in the first place, there are ways to stretch a cotton t-shirt to the size you want it (within reason, of course). Cotton does have some give, especially when wet, so before you throw it out in...


Stretching a cotton shirt is a simple task because cotton is such a forgiving fiber, but stretching it evenly requires some know-how. People often need to stretch a cotton shirt after it accidentally finds its way into a hot dryer. You can stretch your cotton shirt width-wise or lengthwise.


Cotton is a robust fabric, and while some cotton shirts are pre-shrunk, others are not. If you have a cotton shirt that is too tight, you can stretch the shirt out to make it larger. Whether you shrunk the shirt while laundering or you bought it a size too small, try some do-it-yourself stretching ...


Gently tug on the shirt to widen it, keeping your hands level with each other to stretch the shirt evenly. If the sleeves are too short, pull each sleeve cuff down and slightly to the side to stretch the sleeve in a natural direction. Leave the stretched shirt on the towel to air dry and retain its new, larger shape.


You can also stretch the shirt longer by hanging it on a clothes hanger while it’s still very wet. After soaking it in the conditioned water, hang it on a hanger to air dry. This will take several hours. When using this method to stretch a shirt, keep in mind that you can't control how much the shirt stretches.


You have step-by-step instructions on how to stretch out garments (cotton, polyester, rayon) and the tools you’ll need to do so. Do you have a friend that needs to know how to stretch out a cotton shirt or return a wool sweater to its former glory? Share to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest using the buttons below!


Real Simple answers your questions. Real Simple answers your questions. ... (Knitted items made of cotton, cashmere, or wool have looser weaves and are much easier to manipulate than those made from silk or a synthetic fiber, such as rayon or polyester.) ... How Do I Stretch Out Shrunken Clothing?


How to Unshrink Clothes. It happens even to the best of us: a sweater or pair of jeans got tossed into the dryer on high and are now a size smaller or just smaller than they should be. Technically speaking, you can never "unshrink"...


Stretching Shrunken Cotton Clothing. If you need to stretch the legs on a pair of cotton slacks or jeans, or need to stretch the sleeves on a cotton shirt, affix "clamping hangers", the kind that hang a pair of trousers upside down to keep its crease to the cuffs of the slacks or to the cuffs of shirt immediately after washing.