There are many ways of doing this they may include:taking your clothes out of the dryer before they are completely dry and letting them air dry,making the air moist by use of a humidifier,also by avoiding clothes that ha... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry

Line drying clothes or reducing drying time is a great way to eliminate static cling. Another option is to dry clothes with dryer sheets. Dryer sheets have an antistatic coating. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

The most effective method to eliminate static cling is to run a wire hanger between yourself and the article of clothing. Other quick fixes include rubbing a dryer sheet on the fabric's underside, spraying hairspray ligh... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

To eliminate static cling, dry all clothes with dryer sheets or balls, then use a metal coat hanger or wire to counteract the electric charge in the clothing. Static cling occurs when friction between fabrics generates e... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry

Some methods to discharge static cling include water, baby powder, dryer sheets and taking steps to eliminate the static when washing clothes. Static cling is caused when clothing picks up an electric charge. More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry

Pendleton blankets do not need to be cleaned after every use, since wool has a tendency to repel dirt. Most Pendleton blankets should not be washed, as washing tends to shrink blankets even when using cold water. Dry cle... More »

To shrink wool in the dryer, the wool must first be wet, either from the washing machine or with a steam iron, and then dried out in a dryer or by air drying. More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry