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Plantings, wood-fiber mats, mulch and retaining walls are all methods of soil erosion prevention. Erosion control is vital for maintaining topsoil that provides plants with important nutrients.


To prevent soil erosion, cover and protect all soil with plants or mulch. For large slopes, install a retaining wall to keep soil in place.


Erosion is a natural process in which rocks or soil are moved from one location to another by wind or water. Material may move through erosion for distances ranging from a few feet to thousands of miles. Erosion often is most noticeable along shorelines, but it occurs i...


According to National Geographic, erosion occurs when the particles that have been broken down by weathering are carried away to other areas. Erosion can take place via wind, rain, plants and animals, moving water and even moving ice.


While coastal erosion is not completely preventable, the use of retaining walls can help minimize the damage and slow the process. Through the use of man-made walls that line the coastlines, the erosion can be slowed, according to About.com.


There are several ways to prevent erosion, including grassing waterways, conserving tillage, covering crops, managing pastures and fortifying stream and riverbanks. Some erosion control methods, such as fortifying embankments along waterways, take place at the source, w...


Wind is the agent of erosion that creates sand dunes. The wind blows grains of sand into a sheltered or otherwise secure location, allowing gradual accumulation.