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Red salvia, also known as scarlet sage, is a popular garden plant native to Brazil. It usually grows vertical, conical arrangements of red petals while flowering, although other color variations exist. They are only suitable for mild, sunny climates where frosts are rare and temperatures stay above


According to the National Gardening Association, some salvia species are perennial and come back each year, and some are not. There are also annuals, biennials and shrubs in the group of plants.


Blue salvia plants require regular watering, fertilizing and deadheading and perform best if they are planted in well-drained soil in an area with full sunlight. These tasks require a garden hose and fertilizer. Time requirements are minimal.


Salvia greggii, also known as autumn sage, is a popular herbaceous perennial that grows natively in the rocky soils of Texas and Mexico. It requires sun or partial sun and has small, aromatic leaves that often bloom in late spring and again in late summer or early fall.


Salvia Marcus is a herbacious low-maintenance plant that produces deep violet blooms. It blooms from early summer to mid fall and grows to a height of 12 inches.


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Learn about Salvia apiana, also known as white sage or bee sage, from the experts at HGTV Gardens. Learn tips for growing Salvia apiana. Discover the ghostly beauty of white sage, also known as bee sage. White sage (Salvia apiana) is a woody native shrub hailing from the Southwestern U.S. and northw


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