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According to the Mayo Clinic, excessive salivation is either caused by an increase in the body's production of saliva or a decrease in a person's ability to swallow or keep saliva in his mouth. There are multiple reasons why either situation can occur, including the development of an oral infection,


Multiple causes result in excessive drooling in dogs. WebMD reports that anxiety, anticipation of food, dental problems, heat stroke, distemper, rabies, tumors and motion sickness are all potential causes of hypersalivation. Cysts, tumors or physical injuries are also potential sources.


Dogs may salivate more often around other dogs because they are anxious or excited. Excess salivation in dogs can be stress-related, which can often be triggered by excitement or fear in response to outside stimuli. A higher level of salivation corresponds to a higher level of anxiety.


According to petMD, excessive salivation in dogs can come from ptyalism or pseudoptyalism, two similar conditions with very different causes. Ptyalism is merely the excessive flow of saliva, while pseudoptyalism is the spillage of saliva trapped in the mouth.


According to WebMD and the American Academy of Dermatology, ways to stop excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, include antiperspirants and medical treatments such as iontophoresis, Botox injections, prescription medication and surgery. At-home remedies to help relieve excessive sweating include wear


Weed is detectable in bodily fluids for up to 30 days after last use. For daily users, weed may be detectable for several months after last use. The longest-reported detection times are more than 90 days. Here’s how long it’s detectable via each type of drug test, whether you can metabolize it faste


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Other causes may include rare neurologic disorders like paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, myasthenia gravis etc. Cancer treatment and radiation therapy can also cause excessive saliva production. Remedies for Treating Excessive Salivation. The general ayurvedic rule for treating excess saliva is based on the dominance of KAPHA element in the body.