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The most effective route is to remove all feces immediately after the dog defecates. Supervise the animal more frequently. Exercise the animal more often, and leave toys around to provide extra stimulation.


Dogs sometimes eat their own poop for differing reasons, but the most common is learned behavior. Female dogs normally eat the feces of their pups to keep the nesting area clean and to promote their pup's defecation reflex, thus inadvertently teaching their young the be...


Dogs eat their own feces or the feces of other animals for a variety of reasons, including boredom, stress, hunger or simply because it's normal dog behavior under certain conditions. Eating feces, known as coprophagia in the scientific community, is also a common behav...


Dogs feces is able to predict a series of health indicators, including constipation, dietary issues, lack of protein, diarrhea and bacterial infection, according to PetMD. Pet owners should regularly review pet poop to look for signs of these issues.


A dog can be stopped from eating dirt by placing a muzzle on it or making sure it does not have access to the dirt, which means keeping the dog's eating or sleeping area clean. This treatment presumes that the dog's problem is not the result of a medical condition or po...


Websites featuring images of canine stools with worms for viewing and comparison include pet-informed-veterinary-advise.com, petMD and VCA Animal Hospitals. Some feature images of the parasites and descriptions of them in the fecal matter.


Destructive chewing is a complaint of many dog owners, but it can be corrected by rewarding positive chew habits and ensuring plenty of physical and mental exercise. It is also important to determine the reason a dog is demonstrating this behavior.