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3. Stock up on healthy foods. One of the problems of working night shift is feeling tired or hungry at random times. One way to set yourself up for success and stay healthy when working night shift is to make sure you have healthy foods readily available, both at home and at work.


Healthy Tips for Night Shift Workers. ... Even on days you don't work, continue to stay awake at night and sleep during the day. It's hard work to reprogram your system to do the opposite of what ...


The night shift, or third shift work is a big part of many industries. There are many challenges that face those who work the night shift.The body’s normal rhythm is to sleep at night and remain active throughout the day, so doing the exact opposite can cause stress and various potential health problems—that’s the bad news.


Here are 10 top working the night shift survival tips for staying healthy and looking after yourself How to work night shift, stay healthy and not get sick. Schedule sleep like you do your meals; Scheduling your sleep … I know how silly and ridiculous that may sound to some because it should just ‘happen’.


When you’re working a shift schedule, your eating and exercise habits can suffer. People who work shifts sometimes skip meals, eat irregularly, eat unhealthy food, and may find it hard to keep up a regular exercise schedule. Shift workers are at higher risk for weight gain and heart disease as well. Healthy eating and exercise help improve your sleep and your overall health.


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Night shift nurses need a little extra help to stay healthy and energized on the job. Use these top 10 tips to help you adjust to night shift nursing and stay at your best.


Digestive health. Digestive health can be another issue, with problems such as IBS or peptic ulcers more frequent for night shift workers. Our digestive system is meant to be at rest during the night, and the hormones that regulate hunger and satiety work differently too.


WebMD explains what shift work sleep disorder is and how you can maintain a healthy life and get the sleep you need while working late shift hours.


Our bodies were not made to stay up all night and operate as so. I still remember working my first night shift while on a travel assignment. It was a very difficult adjustment for me, considering all my previous experience was in day shift hours. Here are some helpful tips for staying healthy and ensuring an easy transition into a night shift role.