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A person can start investing in stocks by conducting research, choosing the type of stock, looking at financial statements and choosing how to invest, according to About.com. Investors can use a 401k, brokerage account, direct stock purchase plan or a Traditional IRA to...


Multiple factors, including dividend payout and price-to-earnings ratio, determine whether a stock is a good investment, but Kiplinger and the CNN Money website note that Conrad Industries, Salesforce.com, AMC Networks and LinkedIn are all stocks worth considering, as o...


Investing in the stock market involves either paying a full-service or discount broker, depending on the amount of money a person wants to invest. While discount brokers work with as little as $1,000, full-service brokerages require much higher account minimums.


Investor's Business Daily offers several research tools and tips that assist investors in finding new stocks, notes the organization's official website. This site provides several stock ticker symbols and financial metrics that can help an investor perform an analysis.


Before you begin investing, establish an emergency fund that can carry you through six months of unfortunate circumstances. Then begin investing by setting your investment goals, researching investments, opening a brokerage account and building a portfolio.


According to Bankrate, there are two ways in which an investor can purchase silver stock. The stock can be purchased either by buying into an exchange traded fund (ETF) or by purchasing stock in a silver mine. Neither method gives an investor physical ownership of the a...


One of the main reasons to invest money in the stock market is to build wealth, according to The Motley Fool. Also, many people invest in stocks to own part of a business that they don't have to manage and to have shareholder rights, such as voting, reports ShareBuilder...