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Examples of checklists for starting a business are on SBA.gov and SmallBizTrends.com. An additional checklist with points relating specifically to registering for and filing taxes is located at IRS.gov.


Weekly house cleaning checklists provide an outline of the tasks that need to be completed on a weekly basis. A weekly house cleaning checklist can save time when used consistently.


A starting a business checklist usually asks questions that revolve around the initial business plan, the legalities of taxes and permits, the finances and the everyday running of the institution, as stated by U.S. Small Business Association. The checklist is a guideline to help ease the process and


Emptying trash bins, wiping down the line and kitchen preparation area, cleaning the fryers and grills, and placing all aprons and chef's shirts in the appropriate laundry receptacles are all items that are commonly found on a restaurant cleaning checklist. This list depends on whether it is intende


Start by writing down all of the housecleaning chores and items that need to be organized. Next, order the list according to priority. Once lists are properly ordered, determine a timeline for completion of each task. Clearly highlight dates on the timeline, in order to serve as visual reminders of


Items that should be included on a deep cleaning checklist for a house include cleaning baseboards, removing cobwebs and cleaning the inside and outside of all drawers and cupboards. Cleaning light fixtures, washing windows and cleaning blinds or curtains should also be included.


To thoroughly clean a bathroom, HGTV recommends several things to add to a checklist. Cleaning a bathroom, from the mirrors to the bathtub to the floor, means starting at the top and working toward the bottom. The tub, sink, toilet, mirrors, shower and floor are all part of the cleaning process.


Make a cleaning checklist for a housekeeper by putting cleaning priorities and instructions on paper. Use traditional pen and paper, or create a computer checklist using a spreadsheet program, and print it out.


A restroom cleaning checklist usually includes the chores involved with cleaning the restroom such as cleaning restroom sinks, toilet areas and floors as well as a schedule for employee restroom cleaning duties. Restroom checklists commonly include a comments section and a list of supplies that need


The necessary forms and requirements to start a house-cleaning business include a Doing Business As, or DBA, and a vendor's license, reports the Houston Chronicle. Call the county clerk or county administration office in your area to request an application form. After deciding on the name of your cl