To estimate a square root without a calculator, determine the two perfect squares that come before and after the given number. Then using the square roots of the perfect squares as guides, estimate the given number’s squ... More » Math Exponents

The square root of 3 is 1.7320508, or approximately 1.73. The calculation may be quickly performed by hitting the square root symbol followed by 3 on a calculator. More » Math Exponents

A method of solving quadratic equations is to extract the roots. This means that the possible values of x are determined by finding the square root of both sides of the equation. More » Math Exponents

To find a number's square root, determine which two perfect squares the number lies between and estimate a fraction between those two perfect square roots. If it is a perfect square itself the square root can be arrived ... More »

In order to calculate the square root of a non-perfect square number, first find two perfect squares between which the number lies. Second, divide the number by one of the two square roots. Thirdly, take the average of t... More »

Find the square root by finding the number that, when multiplied by itself, gives you the root number. For root numbers that are not perfect squares, there is a separate process to finding the square root. More » Math Exponents

To calculate the square root of any number, estimate by using the closest perfect square, and divide the number for which you want the square root by the root of that perfect square. Average the result with that perfect ... More » Math Exponents