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The key to solving any word problem is identifying what is unknown, what is known, and what equations must be used. Once these components are identified, it is simply a matter of filling in the blanks. Word problems involving polynomials are no different than any other ...


Polynomial equations can be solved by factoring through the following steps. The first step is to write the equation in its correct form, which involves distributing the terms by removing all parentheses on both sides of the equation, combining all the like terms and wr...


To solve a polynomial inequality, first put a zero on one side of the inequality. Then, factor the inequality if it is factorable, although this attribute applies to only some inequalities. The third step is to calculate the x-intercepts of the inequality, which are poi...


The steps for multiplying polynomials with exponents vary depending on the complexity of the polynomials. If the equation has only one variable, the answer can be found by multiplying the individual terms, combining the terms with the same degree and simplifying.


To solve one-step equations, perform the correct mathematical operation to get the variable by itself, and perform the same operation on the other side of the equation. Solve the equation when the variable is by itself.


A two-step equation is an algebraic problem that takes two steps to solve for a missing number, which is often indicated as "n" (for number), "x" or "y."


The four steps involved in problem solving are to define the problem, think of possible solutions, select one of these solutions and carry it out. These steps are useful as a general guide for those people in management and other leadership roles.