Parallelogram problems are presented along with their detailed solutions. ... the area and the height h by their values in the above equation and solve for BC

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solving numerical and algebraic problems dealing with quadrilaterals. ... You know the opposite sides of a parallelogram are congruent, so set the opposite ...

Properties of parallelograms. One special kind of polygons is called a parallelogram. It is a quadrilateral where both pairs of opposite sides are parallel.

Parallelograms Properites, Shape, Diagonals, Area and Side Lengths plus ... This page : Interactive Parallelogram | Angles | Sides | Diagonals ... Problem 1.

Therefore, we can set up an equation to solve for z: (z – 15) + ... We can start this problem by drawing the height and labeling the lengths with the given values.

(Jump to Area of a Parallelogram or Perimeter of a Parallelogram). A Parallelogram is a flat shape with opposite sides parallel and equal in length.

Understand why the formula for the area of a parallelogram is base times height, just like the formula for the area of a rectangle.

Parallelogram. A parallelogram is a quadrilateral in which both pairs of opposite sides are parallel. Its properties include: Opposite sides are parallel. Opposite ...