To shrink a wool sweater, apply hot water or steam to the sweater and then dry it. Because wool is not a predictable fiber, plan to monitor the sweater throughout the shrinking process. If your sweater comes "pre-shrunk,... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Acrylic sweaters do not shrink. In fact, acrylic fiber is more prone to stretching than shrinking. Washing instructions must be followed to ensure that an acrylic garment does not lose form and become baggy. More »

The three possible methods to block a sweater are steam blocking, wet blocking and spray blocking. The method used needs to be appropriate for the sweater's material, whether it is wool, cotton, synthetic or a blend. More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry

To unshrink a shrunken wool sweater, soak it in a solution of baby shampoo and warm water for 15 minutes, spread it over butcher paper, stretch the sweater to the desired size, and place heavy objects over the edges. Rem... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Wet wool takes days to dry because it is a thick type of material that absorbs water. Despite its long drying time, proper storage of wool clothing dictates that it is hung dry in order to preserve its shape. More »

There is no definitive answer whether dry or steam cleaning carpets is better, as the processes are different, with steam cleaning using hot water to clean carpet and dry cleaning using chemical compounds to remove dirt ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

To remove lint or pills from a sweater, go over the area with a lint roller, and then repeat using an electric fabric shaver. Removing lint or pills from a sweater takes roughly 15 minutes and requires a lint roller, sma... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing