It might be possible to shrink blue jeans using boiling water and heat, but some blue jeans are made using materials that are sanforized that won't shrink more than 1 percent. Blue jeans made with raw materials that have... More »

If not washed properly, denim does have a chance of shrinking. Heat and water can cause the shape of the jeans to change. More »

One of the easiest methods of shrinking denim jeans is to treat the pair of jeans to a hot water bath and then hang it to dry. The jeans should be from "unsanforized" denim or shrink-to-fit type jeans for this method to ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

To fade dark blue jeans, prewash the jeans, and fill a tub with hot water and bleach. Soak the jeans for 15 to 30 minutes, and air dry the jeans in direct sunlight to increase fading. More »

The first jeans were brought to market in 1873 by Levi Strauss, who was a 24-year-old immigrant from Germany. Eventually sold to miners, the jeans were fashioned from heavy canvas that was used for making wagon covers an... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Pants

Blue Cult jeans can be purchased online through a variety of retailers, according to Overstock, Amazon and eBay. In order to find the right pair of jeans, buyers need to know the size they need and what to look for to ve... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Pants

The materials used to create a pair of jeans has changed greatly. Presently, most jeans are made of a denim blend of cotton and spandex, indigo-dyed threads for color and metal rivets. More »