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Number of Players: 2-4 Type of Dominoes Used: Double 6 Type of Game: Scoring Game One of the most popular of all domino games. Educational and easy to learn for children. Straight Dominoes is the game usually played at old-fashioned domino halls in small towns throughout Texas and other southern states.


The most popular domino game is referred to as “blocking.” This variation is played by two players using a double six domino set. The objective is to empty the hand while blocking competitors, and scores are determined by counting the dots, or pips, in the losing player's hands.


Dominoes is a classic game using distinctly unique tiles known as dominoes. Each domino is a rectangular tile split into two squares with a line, and each side has a number of dots indicating a value. Dominoes, much like Mahjong and playing cards, are a base from which different games can be built from.


You can play to score, to block or to domino. In the scoring game, you attempt to get the largest score without regard to who dominoes. The scoring game is the obvious strategy and it is probably what you will pursue at the start of the game when you do not know the distribution of the tiles.


How to Play Dominoes. Dominoes is a classic game that has been around for a long time, and it's not too hard to learn how to play! Two of the most popular dominoes games are "Straight Dominoes" and "Mexican Train Dominoes," and all you need is a set of tiles and a few friends to play with. Have fun competing against...


Scoring Points. While not all versions of dominoes make use of scores, there are a number of scoring systems in place. Some have a "least points wins" system, wherein losing players of a round count the dots on their unplayed dominoes as a score and the player with the least points at the end of the overall game wins.


Scoring In some domino games, part of the score is obtained from the total number of pips at the ends of the line of play as the game progresses. If only one domino has been played, both ends of that domino are ends of the line of play. Thus, if a 5-5 tile is played, the count would be 10.


The dominoes can be placed in 4 directions indicated by hotspots - empty rectangular placeholders. Please note: in the above picture, the bottom portion of the spinner is not 'activated' for scoring yet -- since no bone was placed there yet. Thus, in the above domino chain, the some of the end tiles is: 10 (4 + 4 + 2). End of Play