The phrase "happy birthday" in French is translated as either "joyeux anniversaire" or "bon anniversaire." In Canada, however, the translation "bonne fête" is more commonly used. More »

To say "happy birthday" in Hungarian, say "boldog születésnapot." For the more formal version of the greeting, say "boldog születésnapot kívánok." In this case, "kívánok" means "I wish you a." More »

The equivalent of the phrase "happy birthday" in Romanian is "la mulţi ani." However, the literal meanings of the two phrases are very different, with the Romanian version meaning, "may you live for many years!" More »

"Sunwing voyage a rabais" means "Sunwing discount travel" translated from Canadian French to English. Sunwing is an airline and Canadian travel company that provides booking services for international flights, car rental... More » Education

Several companies provide free online resources for beginning French learners, such as the BBC, Duolingo, Rocket Languages, Babbel and Learn French with Alexa, as of 2015. Although these sites provide materials at no cos... More » Education

"ABC Alphabet Puzzles French" by Kizzu is a language learning app for kids between the ages of 2 and 6. The app uses colorful animal puzzle games to teach the French alphabet and is available through the Apple Store. More » Education

A free online Vietnamese dictionary that allows users to look up words and translate between Vietnamese and English, French, or Chinese is available at Another free online dictionary with additional language o... More » Education