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Good ways to learn to Salsa dance include learning the steps, practicing those steps alone or at a club and then progressing to dancing with a partner. While a person can learn steps and practice Salsa dancing alone, a club is necessary to completely learn the dance.


Salsa dancing developed in New York City during the 1970s. It evolved from popular forms of Latin American dance, such as the cha-cha-cha and mambo.


Because salsa is such an intense dance, men should wear clothes that are comfortable and breathable. This usually means a light, collared shirt with dress pants or jeans that allow the legs to move about freely.


A basic dance step is to step with your right leg horizontally out to the side and then have your left leg step to meet it. Then, repeat this in the opposite direction. This dance is the two step. Simply bouncing your body to the beat of the music are the basic instructions for how to dance the boun


The most basic dance steps in a line dance are referred to as the single beat steps. These steps provide the foundation for learning complete line dances.


Some line dancing steps are the rock step, scoot, shuffle, ball change and the heel strut. A line dance is a choreographed style of step sequences. Many sequences of steps have names, known as jargon, in order to make choreography and announcing quicker and easier while line dancing. Some examples o


Some of the basic steps in square dancing are the circle, the do-si-do, the promenade, the swing and courtesy turns. Many square dancing steps involve multiple steps, movements, configurations and partner changes, including the grand right or left, the allemande left, the two-ladies chain, the four-


Dance step diagrams show how to dance by illustrating the steps for students along with the music count. For dance purposes, music is counted in sets of 8 that are identified by the beat, with 32 beats per minute. In dance step diagrams, the right foot is shaded, and arrows indicate the way dancers


The first step to the line dance the country slide is the "step together step touch," which consists of stepping right with the right foot, stepping the left foot beside the right, stepping the right foot to the right again, and tapping the left big toe near the right foot. To complete this step, th


To do the wobble dance, jump forwards and backwards, swaying your hips for four counts after each jump. Roll your hands to the left and right for four counts each. Step forward once with each foot, march in place, and finish by swaying your body while turning left.