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Root your android phone by unlocking the bootloader and using a rooting app. Next, download Root Checker and a management app.


No respectable company sells rooted Android phones. Several factors contribute to companies' refusal to sell rooted devices. These include the inherent user protections and ability to maintain consistent brand images that limiting root access provides.


Kingo Root, SRSRoot and OneClickRoot are free downloadable software used for rooting Android smartphones. These applications are available online at Kingoapp.com, SRSRoot.com and OneClickRoot.com.


An Android phone is a smartphone that uses the Android operating system developed by Google. The Android operating system is open-source, which allows different manufacturers, such as Motorola, Samsung and HTC, to produce and customize Android phones.


Use Android Device Manager or a third-party lost phone app, such as Plan B, to find a lost Android phone. Calling the phone and listening for the ringer is another option.


To root an Android device, download and install Kingo Android Root onto a Windows computer, enable USB debugging on the phone, and run the Android Root program on the PC with the device connected. After clicking "Root," the utility roots the phone in approximately two minutes.


Android root applications are mobile apps that phone owners can use to delete or modify the system files to enjoy personal phone tweaks. Phone owners can perform this task by enabling USB debugging and running a root application.


iRoot, kingoapp root, Framaroot and Vroot software are some free Android rooting apps. Through rooting, users can install and use great applications that require root access.


All Android phones come with the Google Play store installed on them, which is full of free games made for Android. Users who have registered their phone using their Gmail account can also use their computer or tablet to access the Google Play store online and have the games sent to their phone.


Free applications for Android phones can be found at the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store has its own website as well as a mobile app that comes preloaded on all Android devices.