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How to use a pop rivet gun tool. Blind Riveter Please note: This video was produced to help you use a pop rivet gun. If you don't feel capable of undertaking a job involving anything in this video ...


-a 5 pound anvil -a metal punch -side cutters -a small ball peen hammer -2 pieces of metal to rivet together -and a roofing nail. obviously you don't need to use these tools specifically. a drill works as good as a punch, and the anvil can be replaced with any anvil like object.


A rivet is an easy, economical and permanent way to bind two or more sheets of metal together. The original rivet head is called the factory head, and the secondary head made after "popping" the rivet is called the shop head or the buck-tail.


Rivet Material. The type of metal used in the rivet you choose is important and should be matched to the sheet metal being joined whenever possible. If leather is being fastened with a rivet, make sure that the rivet is made of aluminum, copper, or brass, as the moisture in leather can cause steel rivets to rust.


Cap rivet anvil - which is the metal disc (Cap rivet anvils have a flat side and a concave side, this is important because you can get double-ended cap rivets, which simply means that the cap shaft also has a cap end, you can use either single or double cap rivets); Multi-sized hole punch (so you can use different sized rivets).


Most rivets are metal, and usually come in either gold (brass) or silver (nickel). The cap of the rivet sometimes offers a bit of decoration. You can find engraved decorative rivets , and there are even rivets with crystal or semi-precious stone caps .


How to Use a Handheld Rivet on an Aluminum Sheet. Sheet aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is a light metal. Metal workers can manipulate it by bending, cutting and rolling it. Using handheld blind rivets, or pop rivets, is a good way to secure and attach pieces of sheet metal. Even workers or do-it-yourselfers at home can quickly...


Prep your sheet metal surfaces to as close to finished as possible. It is difficult to sand or polish around set rivets. When setting many rivets in a single piece, drill the holes and set the rivets one at a time. With each rivet set, the metal can shift slightly causing any other pre-drilled hole to misalign.


A solid rivet is a good way to attach two pieces of metal together without the use of welding. This is important if you are rebuilding a classic automobile, or creating something that does not need any strong welds. This rivet is a fastener that is a solid tube with a head that resembles a flat screw.