Before an airbag light can be shut off or reset, the airbag ECU must be cleared, according to The website recommends removing the airbag ECU and taking it to a car mechanic who can run a diagnostic on it ... More »

In some models, a special scanner may be necessary to reset the Malibu airbag light, but in some cases ignition key cycles, the door jamb switch or a jumper wire work to reset the light. The user manual for the vehicle g... More »

Resetting an airbag requires a few basic tools, some basic knowledge of automobile wiring and a short amount of time. To reset an airbag module, first open up the hood of the vehicle and loosen the retaining nut on the n... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

The airbag light comes on when the backup battery is drained or damage has occurred to the clock spring or the airbag module. Because the light can have many causes, a technician must diagnose the problem if the light st... More »

To reset the airbag light, switch on the ignition of the vehicle, allow the light of the airbag to get illuminated and automatically switch off, and then turn off the ignition. After waiting for a brief period, switch on... More »

Some common mistakes made when resetting an airbag include failing to reset the airbag light, damaging the airbag module or failing to properly set the airbag clock spring. Most automobiles with airbags include built-in ... More »

The airbag light, also called the supplemental restraint system light, turns on when there is a problem with one of the components of the safety system. It warns the driver that the safety system needs to be inspected as... More »