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Sago palms are heavy, so you may need to call in an expert to do the deed. At the least, enlist some strong arms to help you lift the plant out and place it in its new hole. Use a wheelbarrow to move it more easily. It is critical to replant the sago even with the soil level.


The best time to replant sago palm trees is in the spring or early summer. 1. Mix together 2 part potting soil, 1 part sand and 1 part peat moss in a large container. Pick a heavy container 2 ...


Once established, sago palm trees do not like to be moved. This does not mean that you can’t transplant sago palms, it just means that you must do it with extra care and preparation. The timing of transplanting sago palms is important. You should only attempt to move a sago palm in late winter or ...


Repotting Sago Palm Trees. When choosing a new container for sago palm transplanting, go for depth rather than width so your roots have more space to grow down. Look for a container that’s 3 inches (7 cm) wider and/or deeper than your current one.


When transplanting a sago palm, the root ball must be dug up. The palm should be transplanted into a prepared hole as soon as possible. Pruning shears, a shovel, loppers, burlap, a tape measure and string are required for transplanting. Prepare the sago palm for transplant. For easy release from the soil, water the palm 24 hours before digging.


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Sago palms, known botanically as cycas revoluta, are a bit misleading in their name. They are not actually palms at all, but cycads, an extremely ancient type of tropical gymnosperm plant. Sago palms are prized for their stiff and spiny-palm like fronds that are a glossy green and grow in a dramatic fountain form. ...


The sago palm is a slow-growing cycad, and it can take up to 100 years for it to achieve its maximum height of 20-plus feet tall. Its slow rate of growth makes the sago palm suitable for use indoors.


As the pups develop the second set of leaves, transplant them to a slightly larger pot. Transplanting young sago plants is better done during early spring, and in case of older plants, early spring or late fall will be suitable. It will be better to acquire a thorough knowledge about sago palm care, so as to grow these plants properly.