The process of replacing the handles on a sink faucet involves shutting off the water supply, detaching the handles from the faucet stem, installing any adapters and mounting the new handle before restoring the water sup... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

To repair a kitchen sink faucet, turn off the water, then remove the handle, bonnet, ball and cam assembly, and springs, making sure to clean any sediment as you go. Remove the O-rings and diverter, remove any buildup, t... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

Repair a faucet that does not turn off by determining what type of faucet it is and replacing worn parts. Two-handled faucets are often compression washers, which wear and require replacement, while others have a cartrid... More »

The process of installing a Kohler faucet aerator consists of shutting off the water supply to the sink, unscrewing the existing aerator by unscrewing it counterclockwise and twisting the new aerator into place. Replace ... More » Home & Garden Appliances

Fix a leaking kitchen faucet by turning off the water supply, removing decorative trim and handles, and loosening the packing nut. Remove the faucet stem, and replace any worn O-rings or compression washers before reasse... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing

Install a kitchen faucet by turning off the water supply, removing any obstacles in the way, removing the old faucet, attaching the faucet to the sink and installing new supply lines. Replace the obstacles, and turn on t... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing

Turn the sink's water supply off, and turn off the power source to the garbage disposal. Disconnect the plumbing to the old faucet, and remove the faucet. Set the new faucet into place, mount it according to the manufact... More » Home & Garden Kitchen