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If you want to remove the links from a watch band and the links use round or flat pins, you’ll need a spring bar tool or a pin pusher to remove the pins. Use your tool to carefully push back the spring bar from the watch strap clasp, then push the pins so they slide out from the link you are going to remove.


Insert the tip of the razor blade between the watch lug and the watch band so it catches the lip of the spring pin. Compress the pin back into the watch band and pull the band away from the lug. Repeat on the opposite side of the watch to remove the other half of the watch band.


Remove the pin. The watch band should now be completely disconnected at the link where you just removed the pin. Make sure to not bend the pin while removing it. If the pin becomes bent, you will not be able to slide it back into place when connecting the watch band back together. Place the pin in a safe location for later use.


Today, I'll show you how to remove some links from a terrible, terrible bracelet, which is built using cotter pins. If you'd like to see how to install them, go ahead and watch the video backwards :)


This is an upgraded version of the typical pin removing tool. Made of colored aluminum, this pin pusher is sleek and stylish. With just a tap of hammer watchmakers can repair, Seiko, Omega, even Department Style link bands with ease.


Watch Band Screw Links: The best way to identify a band with screw links is to look at the side of the band. If the links are solid on one side with a hole on the other side with a screw head facing up you are dealing with a screw pin and you should use this guide. Click here to learn How to Remove Watch Band Screw Links.


The pins in the watchband need removed so that you can add or remove links. These small pins require a specialized watch screwdriver to remove due to their size. Once you remove these pins, you will want to place them on a magnetic tray or a glass jar so that you do not lose them.


When you cannot push the pin pusher any further into the watch band, set it aside and remove the watch band from the holder. The cotter pin should fall out of the link, but if it doesn’t just remove it with your fingers and set it aside in your parts tray. Step 4


Learning how to change a watch band is a cost-effective way to alter your accessories. In many instances watch bands can be replaced relatively easily, but it can a tricky and awkward job. Once you have mastered replacing the band you can change it to match your outfit, or replace an old band that has seen better days.