Tick heads left in the skin can be removed with a sterilized needle or tweezers, according to LymeNet Europe. Moisture can help remove the small mouthparts left behind. Allowing the tick head to remain in the skin may in... More »

To remove a tick from either a person or a pet, use tweezers to grasp the tick's body and gently pull it off. Then, apply isopropyl alcohol to the bite mark to clean it, recommends the Humane Society. More »

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Grasping a tick with tweezers where its mouth meets a person's skin usually removes it from the human body, according to Mayo Clinic. Do not remove ticks with rubbing alcohol, fingernail polish, petroleum jelly or a ciga... More »

If during removal, a tick's head breaks off and the mouth parts remain in the skin, remove the mouth parts with tweezers, if possible, recommends the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If removing the mouth is i... More »

A tick's head can be removed by taking a pair of tweezers, grabbing the tick's head and pulling the head out of the afflicted person's skin, reports Kid's Health. It is best to take the tick at this point and place it in... More »

Removing a tick that is attached to a host involves firmly grasping the tick's head near the skin with a pair of pointed tweezers, and gently but firmly pulling the tick out of the skin using a straight motion. The insec... More »

Removing a splinter can be done from home with a needle and tweezers, explains WebMD. If the splinter is not visible under the fingernail, contact your physician to remove the splinter. More »