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How to Remove Permanent Marker from a Smooth Surface. Permanent marker can be difficult to remove from smooth surfaces, but despite its name, it doesn't have to be permanent. Most permanent marker can be removed from smooth surfaces with...


When using a desk, it is not uncommon to accidentally leave marks and spots from pens or permanent markers. These marks typically cause no real damage to your melamine desk, but they can create an unsightly stain. Fortunately, several methods can remove the permanent marker from your melamine desk.


Related: This Is The Best Way To Remove Tough Carpet Stains. 6. Other Furniture. To remove permanent marker from fabric, wood, or leather furniture, see the methods listed above. For laminate furniture, one of the easiest (and most surprising!) ways to remove permanent marker is to draw over it with a dry erase marker!


How to Remove Sharpie Marker From Almost Anything By Jann Seal. SAVE; ... Use a Q-tip when removing Sharpie paint marker ink. In addition, essential oils, such as lemon, orange and tea tree oil, can help remove Sharpie marker stains from hard surfaces. Melamine foam erasers also work well for this purpose.


To remove Sharpie from clothing, lay the stained fabric inside-out on a stack of paper towels and apply a stain remover to the underside of the stain. If you can, wash the garment in the washing machine with cold water; otherwise, dab the spot with cold water to remove the fabric cleaner.


To remove sharpie pen from oak furniture try liquid sandpaper use a tiny amount on the corner of a small sponge and gently rub the affected area taking care to not get it on too much of the table . It will work ... I had Sharpie on my desk and I tried the dry-erase marker tip and it WORKED INSTANTLY!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! Reply.


How to Easily Remove Sharpie from Hard Surfaces. Lots of people use Sharpie markers, especially at school. What if you get Sharpie marker on a hard surface, and need to remove it? Forget the soap and water. There are a lot of better ways...


How to Remove Sharpie from Kitchen Countertop. I used Glass Cook Top Cleaner by Weiman, and a scrubbie pad. Just wet the pad, apply the cleaner, rub in a circle, and off it comes. Just that easy!! I used this to remove sharpie from the countertop and cabinet at 6 am after my 4 year-old decided to be an artist during the night!…Janice


Thank you for this!!! I got permanent marker on my desk at work and found your blog on how to remove it. Tried it immediately (I used Crest Pro Health For Me) and it came out in less than 60 seconds!!! And my desk smells minty breezy 🙂