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Mix 1 gallon water, 1 cup ammonia, 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup baking soda to create a mildew remover for patio furniture, painted outdoor surfaces and picnic tables. Create a mixture of 1 gallon water and 2 tablespoons ammonia to remove mildew from wicker furniture. Ri...


A mixture containing equal parts of water and white vinegar makes a highly effective natural mildew remover. The mixture, placed in a plastic bottle, can be sprayed directly on mildew spots to kill and remove it. A sponge soaked in the same solution can be used as well.


To remove mildew from vinyl siding, prepare a cleaning solution, dip a soft cloth or a long-handled soft brush into the solution, and scrub the siding from the bottom to the top of the area you are washing. Rinse the cleaning solution off the siding as you proceed.


Mildew can attach to clothing and grow, eating away at the fibers. The process for removing mildew requires you to shake out the garment thoroughly, treat the stains and launder the garment. You need liquid detergent, chlorine or oxygen bleach and hot water.


Remove mildew from clothes by brushing off as much of the mold as possible and then washing the clothes in soap and water. Use bleach or a lemon juice and salt mixture on any remaining mildew stains until they are gone.


To remove mold and mildew for good, remedy the poor conditions, take daily precautions, clean the mold and mildew and re-seal problem areas. Consider investing in mildew-resistant laminate flooring or mildew-resistant paint.


Methods to remove carpet mildew, which causes both stains and odors, include vacuuming the carpet, applying a cleaning agent or a homemade solution to the affected area, then rinsing it well and allowing it to dry thoroughly. Choose an appropriate method depending on th...