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Remove cured Gorilla Glue from a hard plastic surface with a razor knife or chisel. In most cases, this isn't difficult to do -- polyurethane turns foamy when it cures and is relative easy to cut and break apart.


To remove Gorilla Glue from skin, start by washing the area with soap and water. Next, soak a cotton ball in acetone nail polish remover, dab the affected area, and let the acetone sit on the glue for 6-10 minutes before washing it off with warm, soapy water.


Gorilla glue is a moisture activated polyurethane and can be softened/removed with acetone, nail polish remover. If the substrate is PVC, ABS, or one of a variety of other plastics, the substrate will also soften/melt, so be careful by first exper...


The lubricant will hopefully weaken the strength of the gorilla glue with plastic. Precautions while removing Gorilla Glue with any mentioned method: Hold scrapping tools, i.e., chisel, knife, and razor carefully. Wear protective gloves when using harsh chemicals. Wear glasses while working with harsh chemicals.


After at least 3-4 hours of soaking, remove the plastic covering and wet, soapy cloth. Blot at the softened glue with a clean cloth to remove the glue that has softened. Repeat until all of the glue is removed. This method can take a while to work, but it will remove the glue without damaging the plastic surface.


How to remove glue from plastic gently: To start with, try using something mild, like a moisturiser or vegetable oil.Soak a cloth and dab it generously on the glue patch, allowing the moisturiser or oil to soak in, and then wipe the surface firmly with a clean paper towel or cloth.


A common question we get here at Gorilla Glue is, "How do I remove the extra dried glue off of my project?" Join Ali as she walks you through some of the best practices for Gorilla Glue removal.


Dried Gorilla Glue can only be removed mechanically by sanding, scraping, scratching or slicing through the glue with a knife, chisel, razor blade or other tool. Since Gorilla Glue is a urethane glue, its curing process is not reversible with a solvent like acetone or paint thinner.


Step 3- Remove the softened glue. If you have completed the second step, the glue on the plastic would now have a soft texture compared to the dried version of glue.. Use a clean and dry cloth and remove the glue by rubbing rigorously. Keep rubbing the glue off until the adhesive has been removed completely from the plastic.


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