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Upgrading your bathtub can drastically improve your bathroom’s appearance and your family’s comfort.. Removing an old tub and installing a new one may seem like a daunting task, but if you carefully prepare and work with a helper, you can complete this DIY project in just a day.


This is short video outlining the basic steps needed to remove your old bathtub at home. This is short video outlining the basic steps needed to remove your old bathtub at home.


In this video I am presenting how to easy uninstall Bathtub and tub waste - drain.. I am explaining how to start and do it the most recommended way - stay tune, more videos will be coming this ...


How to Remove Rust Stains from Porcelain Bathtub. Nobody likes the idea of soaking in a dingy tub. The best way to keep your bathtub clean is to be diligent about preventing the dirt, gunk, and rust from getting out of hand. The combination of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide is excellent for removing rust stains from the tub.


An enamel bathtub can be cleaned with warm water and wiping if it’s not dirty from use but just dusty. If it is in use, add some gentle dishwashing liquid to the warm water and use a non-abrasive cleaning cloth or sponge to remove bathtub rings or dirt.


A faulty tub faucet can make it impossible to take a bath and can become a real inconvenience. Luckily, removing and replacing your old tub spout is a cheap and easy project that doesn’t require much equipment. A slip-on faucet will have a screw on the underside of it and needs to be unscrewed before you can remove it.


If you are remodeling your bathroom, chances are you will be installing a new bathtub. That means you have to remove the old one. Don’t attempt to do this job alone. Get two strong helpers to assist with the pulling, lifting, and carrying. If the tub surround has tiles, use a cold chisel to chip […]


Today you’ll learn how to remove a bathtub. But first, I lied by accident. In my tutorial on how to remove a bathroom floor I said we were keeping the bathtub.. But it turns out that was a BAD idea. You’ll see why this was necessary and get a sneak peak at the new tub.


You can remove the old caulk, prep the surface, and recaulk a tub or shower in about four hours (including drying time). You’ll need a razor scraper and single-edge razor blades, caulk remover, mineral spirits, paper towels, a utility knife, a caulk gun, and kitchen and bath caulk.


Your tub stopper is such a small part of your bathroom overall, yet can cause big headaches when it isn't functioning properly. If you need help figuring out how to remove or replace your tub drain stopper, you've come to the right place.