To remove a tick from the skin, gently pulling it straight out by its head, according to WebMD. Use fine-tipped tweezers if possible; if it's necessary to use the hands, wear gloves or cover them with tissue paper. Clean... More »

First, gather tweezers or a tick removal tool, gloves, antiseptic and isopropyl alcohol. Then, carefully use the tweezers or tick remover to grab the tick, taking care not to leave anything behind. Store the tick in a co... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

To remove a tick from the body, it is best to grab it with a pair of tweezers as near the mouth as possible, and pull straight away from the skin. Grabbing the tick too far from the skin or twisting it can lead to infect... More » Health Insect & Animal Bites

If during removal, a tick's head breaks off and the mouth parts remain in the skin, remove the mouth parts with tweezers, if possible, recommends the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If removing the mouth is i... More »

A tick's head can be removed by taking a pair of tweezers, grabbing the tick's head and pulling the head out of the afflicted person's skin, reports Kid's Health. It is best to take the tick at this point and place it in... More »

According to Weston Pediatric Physicians, there is no additional danger if a tick is removed but the head remains in the skin. The head eventually falls out or falls apart without intervention. Any infections that pass f... More »

To remove a tick, grasp it near the skin using fine-tip tweezers, and pull up without twisting until its mouth releases, according to WebMD. Store the tick in a jar or plastic bag in the freezer in case a doctor needs it... More » Health Insect & Animal Bites