An independent voter is a person who does not want to be affiliated with any particular political party. In the United States, this means independent voters do not consider themselves to be part of either the Republican ... More »

To change your political party registration, fill out a new voter registration form, and select a new political party. Then, submit the voter registration form online, by mail or in person. More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

Wisconsin voters can find information about the candidates in a governors race at Sponsored by Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television, the site is an independent source reporting on Wis... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

In most states, declaration of political party affiliation occurs when a person initially registers to vote. The process of declaring a political party affiliation after the voter registration process varies between stat... More » Government & Politics Politics Political Parties

PBS Newshour and iSideWith offer quizzes that determine which political party the user favors. Whereas PBS has 12 questions and only one way of answering questions, iSideWith is more detailed with 26 questions that the u... More » Government & Politics Politics Political Parties

Some of the companies making political contributions affiliated with a single political party include Las Vegas Sands, Perry Homes, Contran Corporation, Newsweb Corporation and Soros Fund Management. Consumers can learn ... More » Government & Politics Politics Political Parties

A party realignment is when a political party realigns itself to new principles, and usually occurs after a major event that may alter the party's existing principles. An example of party realignment was seen in Presiden... More »