Sears allows the redemption of their reward points in three ways, which include redeeming the points instantly at Sears stores, applying for a Sears rewards card, and donating points to a local charity or community organ... More »

Avion rewards points are redeemed through the RBC Rewards website, as RBC Rewards claims. Points may be redeemed for travel, merchandise, gift cards, donations to charity and RBC Financial Rewards. More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

My Coke Rewards points are redeemable at All users of the site have the ability to access a basic catalog and redeem points for the items listed in it, while those who have completed activities and acc... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

There are five main ways to redeem points obtained through Discover's credit card rewards programs: paying for purchases, buying a gift card, applying points toward travel, donating money to charity, or redeeming for cas... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

To earn and use Sears reward points, apply for a Sears MasterCard and earn points for every purchase made with the MasterCard. Redeem Sears reward points on the Sears website. More »

Redeem your credit card reward points by applying them toward purchases, buying a gift card or using them to arrange travel, reports Discover. You can also use the reward points to donate to charity or redeem them for ca... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

Customers can pay their Sears Credit card bills by logging into their online accounts through the official website of Sears, explains CitiBank, the bank that issues Sears credit cards. At the top of the home page, custom... More »