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To redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points, log onto the Chase Ultimate Rewards website using your username and password. Browse the online catalog and add the desired rewards to the shopping cart. Go to the checkout and follow instructions for shipping or to redeem the reward electronically, according


Chase Freedom rewards points can be redeemed through a specific section of the Chase credit cards website. Cardholders access the redemption options by choosing "Redeem for Rewards" on the top navigation bar.


Redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards when shopping, booking for travel, or getting cash back. Points are earned and converted to rewards with the Chase Ultimate Rewards program, according to Nerdwallet.


There are five main ways to redeem points obtained through Discover's credit card rewards programs: paying for purchases, buying a gift card, applying points toward travel, donating money to charity, or redeeming for cash or credit, according to Discover. All five ways of redeeming points provide ce


The required number of points for redemption varies among different reward and customer loyalty programs. Some vendors offer rewards once points equivalent to $10 dollars are earned, while others require many more points to be earned before redemption.


You can redeem Big Lots rewards points through the Big Lots Buzz Club Rewards Program. The program grants members access to a wide variety of special deals and discounts available at Big Lots.


Frequent fliers can redeem their air mile points by accessing their frequent flier accounts, viewing account information, taking note of the number of miles available, choosing whatever form of "redeem miles" an airline provides and following the procedures for booking a flight. Details may vary dep


Certain shares, usually preferred shares, are redeemable by its terms at a fixed date or at the option of either the corporation who issued the shares, the stockholder or both at a given price. Investopedia explains that an issuing-corporation may require employees to redeem shares based on predeter


Shop Your Way members redeem points at participating retailers either online or in stores by presenting account information and indicating the number of points to redeem. Redeeming points online requires the user to log in to a Shop Your Way account.


Companies allow cardholders to redeem rewards points for airline miles, gift cards and merchandise from a variety of stores, according to CreditCards.com. Some credit card firms also enable customers to obtain cash back rewards or use their points to pay for gas.