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There is no known singular cause for Bell's palsy, but recovery from it can be quick and relatively easy. The sooner that a recovery is made, the more likely it is that full facial control will be regained, which is why we provided so many options that can be combined to provide fast recovery. Related Articles


The exact cause of Bell's Palsy is unclear (it may be caused by a virus), so there is no known way to prevent or cure it. Luckily, Bell's Palsy usually clears up within a few weeks or months, and there are some things you can do to aid in the recovery process.


In many cases, symptoms of Bell's palsy will begin to improve in as little as two weeks and completely go away in three to six months. When people have more severe Bell's palsy - for instance, when one side of the face is completely, rather than partially, paralyzed - it may take longer to recover.


Natural Ways to Treat Bell’s Palsy For A Quicker and Fuller Recovery William Bodri The Skeptical Nutritionist Naturopathic Educator . The Bell’s Palsy Natural Treatment Helper ... hasten recovery from Bell’s Palsy… even if you have suffered for a number of years.


Bell's palsy recovery takes 6 months or more. To speed it up, massage, ginger, castor oil, and many more home remedies can be of help. If severe, seek medical treatments.


Bell Palsy - How long did it last? Follow Posted 4 years ago , 28 ... Hi Raymond - I had Bells Palsy 10 years ago and whilst I have had a very good recovery I still get tightness in the side of the face where the palsy was - do you have any recommendations as to how to get rid of this - is there anything on the market that you can rub in to ...


Bell's palsy is a a paralysis of Facial nerve having following signs and symptoms:- B blink reflex lost E earache L loss of taste L lacrimation increased/ decresed ‘S sudden onset Palay of muscles of facial expressions Causeis mostly unknown, howe...


Re: A New Guide that Tells How to Speed Your Recovery from Bells Palsy While Traditional Doctors Claim Helplessness . D ear Bell's Palsy Sufferer, From out of nowhere this thing struck you, but don't let Bell's Palsy continue to ruin your life and subject you to further tears, pain and embarrassment.


What Are the Signs of Recovering From Bell's Palsy?. Bell's Palsy is not a stroke, but damage to the facial nerve. It creates partial or complete paralysis of the facial muscles. Most patients will recover completely, even if they do not seek treatment. For those who seem to be recovering slowly or not at all, there are some treatments than can help.


Bell’s palsy is idiopathic. It has not yet been established why the inner ear becomes inflamed but links have been made with viral infections (including herpes simplex and varicella zoster), as well as a weak immune system and stress. There are a number of causes of acute facial paralysis but Bell’s palsy is the most common.