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The fuel gauge measures the amount of fuel in the fuel tank. The vehicle operator reads the fuel gauge from left to right. When the gauge is on the far left the tank is near empty, and when the gauge is on the far right the tank is near full. A gauge in the middle means...


To read a rain gauge, view the rain level, note the closest marking and carefully determine the measurement. While reading the gauge is easy, mistakes can occur.


Modern cars use electric temperature gauges to keep track of radiator and engine temperature. They operate like a voltmeter, with a special hairpin-like assembly opening and closing to create an electrical circuit. Old cars used a Bourdon Tube, which is a mechanical tem...


To stretch the gauge of the piercing in your ears, determine what size your gauge currently is, and use tapers to slowly stretch your ears to the next gauge jewelry. Allow your stretched ear to heal for a few weeks before attempting to increase the gauge again.


When reading a needle gauge chart, a higher needle gauge is associated with a thinner the needle size, according to Becton Dickinson Diagnostics. Needle size get smaller as you move down the chart.


A pressure gauge allows a fluid to enter from the item or equipment being measured and reacts by moving a calibrated rod inside it. The pressure can be correctly read when the rod has moved to its maximum position.


Size six ear gauges are considered to be larger than average. Most earlobes are initially pierced with an 18- or 20-gauge needle. Gauge sizes typically range between size 20 and 00, with 00 being the largest.