To apply liquid eyeliner, start in the middle of your upper eyelid, and make dash lines along the lash line. Fill in the dash lines, and use liquid makeup remover to correct mistakes. More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyeliner

A quick way to make homemade liquid eyeliner is to combine coconut oil and activated charcoal in an eyeliner pot. This five-minute project requires an empty cosmetic pot, mild hand soap, paper towels, activated charcoal,... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

To apply eyeliner, first sharpen the eye pencil. Hold your eyes taut, and draw small, light dots along the lash line. Use an eye shadow brush and a matching eye shadow to sweep across the dots, and then sweep the brush a... More »

To apply liquid eyeliner, first remove excess liquid from the tip of the eyeliner brush. Starting from the center, draw short dashes along your lash line to the outer corner of your eyes, then return to the center, and d... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyeliner

Applying emo eyeliner involves creating a strong, dark line and layering liquid eyeliner over eye pencil. As Style Craze points out, getting the eyeliner right is key to creating a good emo or goth look. More »

Apply the eyeliner from the inner to the outer edges of the upper lash line. Close the eye, and pull the lid taut to draw the line. On the first pass, wiggle the line in between your lashes, and on the second pass, make ... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyeliner

To apply eyeliner like a professional, apply the liner close to the lash line, only outline the outer two-thirds of the eye, and start with a thin line and build it up in stages. Many eyeliner looks, from the dramatic to... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyeliner