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Grip the base of the cup (not the stem) and turn the cup one full rotation (360 degrees) in either direction or insert the cup about half way, turn the cup one full rotation and then push it horizontally in the rest of the way. the DivaCup must rotate easily as this ensures that it is fully open and that it is positioned horizontally towards your tailbone.


Are you thinking about making the switch to The DivaCup, but still unsure? Switching to The DivaCup will change the way you think about and care for your period. So what exactly is The DivaCup and ...


A menstrual cup collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it, and is cleaned and reused, allowing one cup to last as long as ten years. Menstrual cups have been shown to leak less on average, have fewer health risks than standard disposable products, and are generally comfortable to wear. To use a menstrual cup, squat with your legs apart, fold the cup using a "C fold" or "punch...


Hi! I love my Diva Cup but even after 7 months of using it I’m not 100% at it. I put it in fine and it opens but I’m still leaking. I dont know if I’m putting it in too high, but when I try and leave it low it moves up on its own. And I don’t know if I’m putting it in at the wrong angle?


I’ve been trying to use menstrual cups off and on for a year now and can’t seem to find one that doesn’t leak. The quiz suggested a Diva Cup, Lena, and Super Jenny (all large/size 2) and I while I’m certain that the cup is opening, they all leak, A LOT. I’ve never actually seen anything accumulate in the cup, just along the sides.


Clean the Diva Cup with warm water and soap or the special Diva Wash (a product designed specifically to clean the cup). Fold the two sides of the Diva Cup together, and then fold them again until the rim of the Diva Cup is in the shape of a 'U." Grip the Diva Cup, maintaining the folded shape, with the "U" shape facing away from your hand.


According to the Diva Cup care instructions, the best way to fully clean the menstrual cup is to put it in an open pot of boiling water for five to 10 minutes. After boiling the menstrual cup ...


Many women use menstrual cups as an eco-friendly alternative to tampons. Here’s what you need to know about how to insert them, clean them, and more. ... Before you put in your menstrual cup.


I got my Diva Cup from WELL.CA If you are a FIRST TIME BUYER use the coupon code "greenforme10" you can get $10 off any $40 order (Diva Cup is $39.99) ... Put A Cup In It 196,817 views. 4:55.


37 Menstrual Cup Tips From People Who Actually Use Them. ... Leave yourself loooots of time to put it in the first time you try it. ... I used a Diva Cup initially and it didn't work for me at all ...