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Learn how and when to trim bushes and trees with our detailed guide at This Old House. This informative post shows how to trim many types of bushes and trees, where to cut branches, and the best time to prune. Get great-looking foliage using our easy to follow instructions.


If the bushes in your foundation plantings are overgrown, you may have the urge to start hacking away at them. But before you haphazardly attack that lopsided hydrangea devouring your front walk or the rhododendron obscuring your windows, familiarize yourself with some of the basic information on pruning shrubs.


Pruning at the wrong time won’t damage plants, but it can sacrifice that year's flowers or fruit. As a rule of thumb, prune spring-flowering shrubs and trees immediately after the flowers fade. Prune summer-blooming trees and shrubs in winter or early spring, before new growth emerges.


How to Prune Shrubs. Pruning shrubs can help to stimulate new growth and thin out overgrown areas. It is also a good way to remove dead or diseased sections of the shrub. To prune shrubs, start by getting the necessary tools for the job....


If you are new to gardening and know nothing about pruning, or are somewhat gardening savvy but still drear pruning, we show you here how to prune your garden trees, shrubs, and flowers. It is not difficult, but you need to know a few important facts and steps which we gladly share here to make it easy for you!


Prune clustered areas for a large number of short-stemmed flowers. If you’d like a well-developed rose bush, filled with plenty of clustering, small flowers, opt to only prune the bush lightly. Leave all of the canes in the ground, and just trim some of the more densely clustered areas.


Prune spring-flowering shrubs right after they bloom, giving them the rest of the growing season to develop new branches and buds, since these bloom on old wood, or last season's growth. "But if you miss the ideal time to prune, you can always wait until the shrub's flowers brown out," says This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook.


But, it’s a common complaint that these small shrubs start to look ugly after a season or two. The solution is simple: trimming spirea plants keeps it looking healthy and attractive year after year. Importance of Pruning Spirea. There are several reasons to trim your spirea regularly, at least twice a year. The first is to keep it healthy.