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Wave height is defined as the difference between the highest point, or crest, and the lowest point, or trough, of a wave. Wave height is usually measured with buoys, which are loosely attached to the ocean floor and float along the surface of the water. Each buoy contains an accelerometer, which mea


Measurements of length, width and height are used to find the volume of a solid figure. Volume is measured in cubic units, because three values are being multiplied to arrive at the final figure.


To properly measure a toilet seat, remove it from the bowl, and measure the width between the middle of the fastening bolt holes. Next, flip the seat over, and measure the greatest width of the seat. Finally, measure the length from between the fastening bolt holes to the bottom.


To properly measure for drapes, you must determine the width and the length of the window. Once those dimensions are known, you should determine how the drapes should hang. This information is used to determine the proper width and length of drapery needed.


Run properly and more efficiently by maintaining a short stride with the knees in alignment, pushing up and off of the ground and maintaining bent elbows with relaxed hands while running. Focus on your posture when running up and down both hills and flat surfaces.


Measuring speed requires time (T) and a known distance (D). Using the formula distance = rate x time (D=R*T), one determines the average speed by dividing distance by time, or R = D/T. This method assumes the object being measured is already in motion.


While there is no guaranteed method for predicting a child's future height, a few simple formulas provide a reasonable approximation for the majority of children, according to Mayo Clinic. Final adult height depends on three factors: genetics, chronic illness and nutrition, explains WebMD.


When you measure a horse's height correctly, here's what you should know about measuring in hands, inches, or centimeters for different breeds. Chances are if you read ads selling horses, or someone is telling you about the height of their horse, they will use the word "hands" to express the measure


Trees are tall. Humans, relatively speaking, are not. And we're not the most agile climbers in the animal kingdom, either. But we are crafty, and we can out-think even the most wizened redwood. But how do you do so when all you've got is a pencil, a mirror, or a smartphone? In the first inst


It is important to measure a sofa before you buy it, both so you are sure it is the right size and scale for your space and also for ease of delivery. tostphoto/Getty Images Every time you buy a new sofa, measure it before handing over the cash. You should also measure the space where you plan to pu