Cut toenails by soaking feet in warm water, choosing good clippers, clipping straight across and shaping nails with a file. Avoid clipping the sides of the nails, which often leads to ingrown toenails. More »

To prune a banana tree, allow the stalk to produce fruit until it is ripe. The ideal moment to harvest bananas is when they turn light green. Cut the fruit with a sharp knife, and remove the stalk from the plant by cutti... More »

To properly install insulation, trim the batt so that it fits tightly into the wall cavity, then add a vapor retarder on the inside face of the insulation. If the batt is not faced, cover it with a breathable sheet, and ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry

To use manicuring tools, each needs to be used for its intended function: clippers trim the nail length, a nail file shapes the nail, cuticle clippers trim the cuticles and a cuticle pusher removes dirt under the nails a... More »

The steps in a pedicure are to remove nail polish, moisturize toes, trim and file nails, trim cuticles, scrub feet smooth and apply new nail polish. While one foot is being tended, the other is soaked in a foot bath. More »

Thick toenail treatment includes several options, such as keeping nails carefully trimmed, using natural solutions such as tea tree oil and olive oil, soaking feet in solutions made of vinegar and water, using topical ge... More »

One method of getting rid of fungus on the toenails involves a daily cleaning and treatment regimen with a 10 percent undecylenic acid topical solution that is specially formulated to penetrate the nails. Nail fungal inf... More »