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If your vehicle hesitates when your automatic transmission shifts gears, check the transmission fluid level before you let any mechanic start talking about servicing or adjusting your transmission or selling you a new one. To check your automatic transmission fluid, look for a dipstick handle sticking out of your transmission.


Pull out the transmission fluid dipstick. On most cars, the car must idling in park with the parking brake on and the transmission hot. Wipe the dipstick on a clean rag or paper towel, reinsert it and pull it out again to check the transmission fluid level.


Here's the proper way to do it based on which transmission you have (Don't know which transmission you have? See this thread.) 32RH The 32RH has to be warmed up and shifted into Neutral with the engine running so the ATF pump will run and give an accurate ATF level. The 32RH can't be checked in Park since it's transmission pump doesn't run in Park.


And checking the transmission fluid is part of that maintenance. If the fluid is running low, the transmission will function erratically and there could be permanent damage done to the vehicle. Checking the transmission fluid is simple and can be done when you add fuel or when you have five extra minutes in your day.


If the automatic transmission fluid level does not come up to the "warm" line, you'll need to add automatic transmission fluid. Insert long funnel into automatic transmission fluid dipstick hole. Carefully add automatic transmission fluid in small increments and recheck level each time until fluid level reaches "warm" line.


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REMEMBER: Always use the fluid recommended by the manufacturer (see ‘Choosing the Right Transmission Fluid’). Also, if the transmission requires more than a quart, or is using fluid regularly, take your car in to have it checked for leaks. If you’re ever unsure of the procedure or where to find the transmission dipstick, check with your ...


If the transmission fluid has been in your vehicle for more than 100,000 miles, change both the fluid and the filter, which maintenance will help promote the longevity of your transmission. Modern synthetic transmission fluid of the right type is recommended.


NOTE: Check the fluid level within 60 90 seconds after turning the engine off. 3. Remove the dipstick (yellow loop) (A) from the transmission, and wipe it with a clean cloth. 4. Insert the dipstick into the transmission. 5. Remove the dipstick and check the fluid level. It should be between the upper mark (B) and lower mark (C).