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How to prevent a scalp burn from relaxer. By Renee Wesonga 25th Jul 2015. Common cause of scalp burn is when the relaxer is left on the hair for longer than necessary.


Hair Stuck to Scalp after Using Relaxer? Often, people experience extreme discomfort while relaxing their hair. It happens more so when the scalp is tender or irritated and if other chemicals are added to the scalp after a relaxer. Avoid using hairsprays or products containing alcohol, or it will worsen the condition.


Chemically relaxing the hair usually results in shiny, straight hair. However, the common side effect of this procedure is the burning of the scalp from the harsh chemicals. In order to prevent scalp burning, there are things that you should avoid doing before and during the hair-relaxing procedure.


I've always been a burner. But I burn less when I've done my own hair. This is my fourth time relaxing my own hair and I burned the most this time. I know I will get better the more I do it and I'm determined to get this down pat! But I'm just looking for general tips on how to prevent relaxer burns and treat the scalp, pre and post relaxer.


Chemical scalp burns are usually caused by hair products such as dyes, bleaches or relaxers. Scar tissue can form. The extent of the burn depends on the amount of chemical used, the amount of time the skin was exposed to the hair chemical and other factors. In this article I will explain a few ways ...


How to Heal Chemical Relaxer Burns. Chemical relaxer burns can vary in their degree of severity, leaving you with scars, bald patches and infections if they aren't treated properly. Treating a chemical burn depends largely on the severity of the burn. Step 1: Identify The Type of Burn.


According to Vissa Studios, treating relaxer burns is a three-to-four step process. Step one is to wash the area thoroughly with water and a neutralizing shampoo to prevent further burns, while step two is to debride the wound by removing loose hairs.


Treating Relaxer Burns. July 14, 2009 - Relaxers - Tagged: african american hair relaxers, hair relaxers, ... The aloe was to soothe the superficial burns along my hair line and prevent my skin from hyperpigmenting. The Vitamin E oil I used twice a day on my scalp burns, rubbing it in to soften scabs and to help speed healing of the broken skin