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4 Ways To Predict Market Performance . ... The assumption is that the best bet about market movements is that they will continue in the same direction. ... If stock returns are essentially random ...


Though predicting equity markets and stock movements are not easy, equity analysts use many methods and indicators to predict market movements. We bring you some major indicators that market ...


It should be accompanied by the Human Intelligence. An accuracy of 80% to predict Stock Price Movement is excellent. Currently, i am able to predict Stock Price Movement with 80% accuracy but with 75% conviction. The day i will predict Stock Price Movement with 80% accuracy and 100% conviction, i will share with my readers how i am doing it :).


Predicting Stock Price movement statistically. Here we use historical data to predict the movement of stock price for next day. It is completely mathematically valid.


Thank You Anil for Asking me this Question. I have been a day trader for the first 6 years of my Stock Market career. I have worked with Large Financial Institutions as a trader starting with Jp Morgan in London, Invest smart in Mumbai and MF Glob...


There are two prices that are critical for any investor to know: the current price of the investment he or she owns, or plans to own, and its future selling price.


For many investors, the stock market appears to fluctuate randomly from day to day. However, experienced traders know that much of the stock market's activity is not random.


This paper addresses problem of predicting direction of movement of stock and stock price index for Indian stock markets. The study compares four prediction models, Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Support Vector Machine (SVM), random forest and naive-Bayes with two approaches for input to these models.


A few weeks ago I discussed the two price environments in any trend. Last week, when teaching a Forex class at the Online Trading Academy Center in Jakarta, I put the knowledge of trend movement to use with a technical tool that can be used to measure the potential stock price movement in both of those environments.


If you have ever wondered how to predict stock movement in response to an earnings announcement, here’s a neat little trick. To use it, we need to go to the options market. There is a strategy called a short straddle.