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How to Practice Kissing. Your first kiss can be exciting, but also intimidating if you're feeling unprepared. Everyone has a different style of kissing, just like everyone has a different style of talking. Some people kiss slow and savor...


How to Practice French Kissing. It's natural to be nervous about French kissing someone, especially if you haven't done it before. You don't have to worry, though, because while it may seem complicated, it's actually quite simple and comes...


The art of kissing requires much practice to achieve perfection, but when you lack people to practice with, you can resort to practicing alone. Here are some simple steps to help you with this.


With just a little preparation, you’ll be kissing like an old pro your first time out. Step 1: Make a loose fist out of your left hand and put your right thumb through the opening formed by your ...


How to practice kissing a girl? Ive never kissed a girl before let alone makeout which I plan to do both really soon with my soon to be girlfriend. Ive read through forums and stuff but Im still not sure, like are there certain tools/objects to use by yourself to get somewhat good at it so I dont have a reputation for being bad at it? 1 ...


A reader, anonymous, writes (4 March 2009): hi im michael. im 15 and ive kissed many s. iv had 8 friends and i dumped them all for the next one. ive made out before with my friends. i practice kissing by myself. there is nothing wrong with that. many people do so. you do get better but the only one you can really practice is the french kiss. here are some more kisses:


After writing how to kiss a guy?, how to kiss a girl?, and how to kiss for the first time?, we are now writing how to practice kissing?Kissing is an imperative and very private thing. A couple’s kiss builds the solid relationship between themselves. Whether it is an all out make session or it is an inviting kiss on the cheek, kissing is the best regular delights.


When it comes to kissing, you don’t want to be bad at it. Kissing is a very unique skill in that you need someone else in order to improve. It’s very difficult to learn how to kiss better without having someone to practice on. That being said, it’s still possible if you’re willing to work for it.


The general method used to learn how to kiss involves using two hands and creating a shape similar to that of a mouth, as described by Get Romantic. This method is relatively simple to learn and only takes a few minutes of the day to complete. The following instructions explain how to properly practice kissing using two hands.