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The rose gold trend has been on the rise, becoming a cool alternative metal for engagement rings and fashion-forward jewelry designs. To learn more about rose gold, we take you through its history, unique properties and fundamental at-home care tips for your rose gold jewelry.


How to Clean Rose Gold. Rose gold gets its pink color from its partial copper content. Generally, it can be cleaned like other gold jewelry, but it's important to take precautions to preserve its color, especially if it's antique. Over...


Yes, you can clean tarnished gold with mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. Use a soft cleaning cloth or a cotton bud and gently rub or wipe the gold jewelry. Lay the wet gold jewelry on a clean tea towel or paper towel to air dry. Polish after it is dry. If this fails to help, take the piece to your jeweler for a proper clean.


How Often to Polish Gold Jewelry Because of the abrasive nature of polishing, you shouldn’t go to your jeweler to have your pieces buffed every time you notice a couple of visible scratches. In general, you shouldn’t have your gold jewelry polished more often than once or twice a year.


Substances like oil, nail polish, nail polish remover, chlorine, and perfume may react with metal/plated jewelry and cause it to tarnish. This is also true for sweat, so make sure you remove your gold plated jewelry when you exercise or doing anything requiring heavy work and when swimming.


To clean rose-gold jewelry, wash it with a solution of warm water and mild liquid soap, then dry it on a towel. This 30-minute procedure requires a dish pan, warm water, latex gloves, liquid soap, a wooden toothpick and several clean, soft towels. Prepare the cleaning solution. Put on latex gloves.


How to Clean Gold Jewelry. A jewelry cleaning solution specifically created for gold is a safe and effective way to keep your gold in tip-top shape. Just make sure it indicates gold as an intended use! Without any commercial products, you can clean your gold jewelry at home following these simple steps: 1.


This video is on how to clean your daily use gold jewellery at home very easily. This method will help to remove the dirt from your jewellery completely. This method can also be used to clean ...


The Pros and Cons of Rose Gold Engagement Rings. What Is Rose Gold? Rose gold is one of many variations of gold engagement rings available. Because pure gold (24 karat gold) is too soft for jewelry, we mix metal alloys in with pure gold to create different colored golds.


9. How To Clean Rose Gold Jewellery. Rose gold is high in copper so it may be quicker to tarnish due to sulphur or air exposure. Check out an effective way to clean it simply at home. Take a bowl and line it with aluminium foil. (Be sure to have the shiny side up). Fill it with warm water.