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Play volleyball by setting up the volleyball court, gathering two teams of an equal number of players, scoring points and attempting to win the game or match. These directions pertain to general volleyball, and the rules vary for other versions of the sport, including i...


There are many benefits of playing volleyball, both physically and mentally, as it is a fun way to burn calories, it is a sport that exercises many parts of the body and it allows players to develop skills to work well with others. Volleyball also improves balance, hand...


Some equipment is mandatory to play a game of volleyball, like a ball, net, poles and a clearly marked court. Other materials are optional, like knee pads, uniforms and a certified referee.


To set a volleyball, form a triangle shape with your forefingers and thumbs, and keep the volleyball in the air using the strength of your hands, arms and legs. You may only use your fingertips to make contact with the volleyball, however.


To hit a volleyball, make sure your hands and legs are in the appropriate position before bumping the ball with your arms. There are five types of hits in volleyball: the bump, set, serve, spike and dig.


There are a few ways to serve a volleyball, but the most simple one is the underhand serve. Stand in a staggered position with the foot opposite your hitting arm out in front, both knees slightly bent, and your hips facing the volleyball net. Hold the ball in your non-d...


Draw a volleyball by following these steps: study volleyball structure, draw a circle, add three slightly curved radii and add lines for the panels. You need pencil and paper or a computer drawing program.