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Catchphrase is a unique word game that plays a lot like Charades where the goal of the game is get your teammates to correctly guess a word by providing clues. Using a specialized game unit, two teams play head to head to be the first to reach 7 points by correctly guessing words. Game Play […]


Looking for an educational game to play with people of all ages? Try Basta! Basta means "Stop," or "Stop now," in Spanish. This game makes using the word itself fun! You yell "basta" when game time is up. Get ready to push your mind to the limit while sharing all types of fun knowledge. For ...


To play Catch Phrase, you must necessarily have Hasbro’s genuine Catch Phrase game device. Pick one at a nearby game or toy store for an affordable 20 dollars (prices may vary as per region and version).Once you have the game, you can unpack it, you will need to set up this device in order to play.


A later version, also known as Electronic Catch Phrase, is an electronic game (a device similar in appearance to the original version) with integrated phrase list, timer, and scoring. The game unit has a LCD screen to display the words and buttons to start the timer, advance play, and assign points to teams. Teams must guess the entire phrase ...


Summary: Catch Phrase is a great party game that gets everyone riled up and screaming at each other in a fun and exciting way. Catch Phrase is a simple and easy game to learn how to play (most already know how) and has few things to set up.


Catch phrase is a fun party game that you can play with your friends. Catchphrase can be played in groups of 4, 6 or 8. Catchphrase has the best parts of all other games - the urgency of musical chairs, the physical gestures of charades, the verbal clues of pyramid or password. Catchphrase rules & How to play it Have everyone sit in a circle.


Catchphrase is a lot like Charades where you need to get your teammates to guess a word or phrase by providing clues. Divide your party into 2 teams that play head to head. It is best if you arrange your seating so that each player is sitting next to a member of the opposite team.


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