Paging someone requires first dialing the ten-digit pager phone number, waiting for a tone and then entering the phone number you are calling from or short message followed by the pound sign. As a small communication dev... More »

An abstract page comes after the title page in a paper and serves as the summary. The body of an abstract page should be 150 to 250 words and should constitute a single double-spaced paragraph. More » Education Writing Academic Essays

A splash page, which is also known as a splash screen, is a full-screen graphical representation of a company logo. It can also be the logo of a company's software program, or it can be an animation. The splash page cont... More » Technology Internet & Networking

A flirty FWD text message is a text that has a seductive or amorous tone and is forwarded to one or more people. The FWD stands for forward, and as a result, these types of flirty text messages are often used in chain me... More » Technology Mobile

If an anonymous text message includes a phone number, the recipient can perform an online search to find the source of the message. Some unlisted phone numbers can be unveiled by checking social networks or websites. If ... More »

Leave a voice message without the phone ringing by entering the voice mail on your phone, choosing the leave a message option, entering the phone number and recording the message. The individual must have service in your... More »

Dial your phone number, and then press the pound (#) or star (*) key to access your voicemail from another phone. This method works for mobile phones on the Sprint, AT&T and Verizon networks. To check your home answering... More »